Yoga | Mindfulness | Meditation

I now find it much easier to focus on one task at a time, rather than as previously worrying about multiple tasks and not doing any to my satisfaction.

 The biggest impact mindfulness coaching has provided is on my personal mental health. I find that I very often use the mindfulness strategies to centre and focus.

The Mindfulness program has helped me be  more at peace with myself and life in general. I don't get so worked up like I used to.

Yoga is a comprehensive set of guidelines that caters for the body, mind and soul. If you are eager to learn, I will be happy to assist you through coaching sessions for,

  • Yoga Poses - This is a set of 4 sessions, suitable for anyone who is unable to keep up with standard Yoga studio classes, to learn poses and thereby develop a routine for practising at home.

  • Mindfulness - This is a 6-8 week program suitable for professionals, carers and anyone else looking to  learn stress reduction techniques.

  • Meditation - This is an adhoc program suitable for those looking for individual mentoring for tapping into your full potential. Number of sessions and frequency is tailored to your need.


I also run meditation and yoga philosophy sessions, from time to time. Leave me a message, if you want to be notified when the next session is on!

If you want to learn Yoga Philosophy or meditation privately, visit my site,

Guidance in Your Handbag

A book by Prabha Srinivasan

Guidance in Your Handbag is a book of 100 thoughts to inspire you every day. Covering a wide range of day-to-day topics, this book can help you snap out of stress anytime, anywhere!

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