Where is my Spark?

Albert Einstein said, "creativity is intelligence having fun".

I doubt that there is any shortage of intelligence in today's world. But are we having fun? Are we expressing our creativity?

If you and I ask ourselves those questions, the answer will quite often be a negative. Why? Because we are too busy.

The autopilot mode is so well rehearsed in us, as a survival mechanism. We have a long list of 'to do's to tick of everyday. Who has time for fun?

Spontaniety, enthusiasm, curiosity, daydreams and inspiration are the luxury of childhood that is long lost in any average adult we can spot.

Fun, we are taught, is something you get to have after your 'to do's are ticked off.

And so we keep chasing the end of that list, only to find our self-worth sneakily keeps adding more to that list. Days go by, leaving no room for fun and play that our normal level of operation stays as a flat, resigned, burdened sense of apathy. No wonder that our collective mental wellbeing is low.

What is the way out? The only practical solution for us, the left brain dominated society, is to schedule fun on our to do list. But fun doesn't have to look wild. It can be as simple as a short walk in nature, extra sleep, a quiet day at home or picking up a childhood hobby, all of which will lead to reconnection, restoration and reignite the spark in us.

Try it, pick up your diary and block out some time for fun.

Love, Prabha

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