Thoughts become Things

To truely and honestly express ourselves is a gift. It is a gift we ought to give ourselves, if we are to be the master of our mind. Because, expression brings awareness.

It throws the light on a dark area of the mind that is quietly growing. In the absence of awareness, thoughts become things and things become a story - our life story.

In the presence of self-awareness, we have free-will. We have the choice to keep or change our life story.

You may question how expressing negative experiences may actually help instead of creating more of the same. You may wonder, "wouldn't it be better to mute it than to give it voice"? Subconsious mind doesn't work that way. Every thought or emotion we resist, finds a way to gain momentum and rebel. Instead if we can bring kind awareness to our mental process, we can release pain and heal.

The easiest way to be aware is to express ourselves. Expression doesn't always have to be speech. It can be writing, art, dance, singing, or any other creative methods.

To express is to confront, to acknowledge, to analyse and to decide.

For those of you who want to benefit from awareness, observation and meaningful expression, here is my invitation. Join me and my peer Lorraine, tomorrow, for an online gathering of self-awareness. Purpose of this online group is to provide a space for safe and meaningful expression. We intend to keep the sessions fun, relaxed and enjoyable. Your participation and what you bring to the group, will not only help you but also others who attend. So, check out the event page and click 'Going' if this event appeals to you. Following this 3 week series, we endeavour to run workshops that follow on from the topics discussed.

Love, Prabha

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