It is time to love

I was reading a commentary recently on human being's tendency to take action based on pain. We are met with pain, physical, mental or emotional and that pushes towards making changes to our lives.

But could we be any different?

We can. And that is to act on love. In other words, we can 'follow our bliss'. Get tuned in to our inner feelings that are based on love, such as a gentle pull from the heart.

What is it that you feel pulled towards right now? Do more of that. If there are things in your way such as time, stress, responsibilities, it is time to work through those barriers and dissolve them. Why? Because you deserve love - love for self and love for life. In the absence of love, we lose contact with our true selves.

It is now time to act on love. Where would you like to start?

- Prabha

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