Gift that Feeling

Consider this for a moment.

If you could feel anyway you want, right now, how would you like to feel?

Choose one feeling word. Write down this word before you read the rest of this post...

Often we spend our time doing things, unconsciously chasing a specific feeling. We assume that by doing that task we will end up feeling our desired feeling. However, things dont always work how we think they will.

An example of this is planning an outing or a holiday to feel a sense of adventure/ newness/ connection with family. Unless the event goes just the way we want, we end up not feeling our desired feeling and thereby dissapointed. Then we go on to try planning/engaging in something else, to chase the same feeling. And it goes on...

However there is alternate fool proof way to have your needs met. In coaching terminology this exercise is called creative visualisation.

Here is how you do it.

Close your eyes now and recollect that feeling word you wrote down. Now using the power of your mind, imagine (pretend) feeling that feeling in your body completely for as long as you can hold the feeling. Allow any images to come and go in your mind while you stay with the feeling. Stay here until your body shifts with the feeling. You may observe change in posture, breathing or energy level. Open your eyes.

You can repeat this exercise every day, to manifest any feeling. What the exercise does is helps you attract the people and situations that match your felt feeling, leading you to the experience you originally desired.

If you could gift yourself any experience you wish, why wouldn't you?

Love, Prabha

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