Emotions are Teachers

Have you ever felt consumed by strong emotions?

How did you go? Did it feel comfortable to navigate? Or did you wish it wasn't there?

Most of us, majority of the time are afraid of emotions, specifically the so called "negative" emotions. Let's just call them difficult instead of negative. Society tells us that difficult emotions such as anger, fear, sadness, shame, guilt and variations of these are not good. If you feel it, you need it to brush it off or snap out of it soon as you can, is what we learn through those around us. We hardly see examples of others who make room for difficult emotions, sit with them and process them confidently. Hence we grow up doing what we see others doing.

While it can feel easy to not see people around us be consumed by difficult emotions, its just exactly that, a convenience. Hence we try hard to make those around us, get out of that difficult place as quickly as possible. This behaviour is very common in our society, and we all do it, to others and to ourselves.

For a change though lets consider an alternate approach. What if we allowed and accepted these difficult emotions? What if we could learn from it? What if we say to ourselves, "while it may feel hard and heavy to sit with it, it is here and it is true. Let me see what it has to say"

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a therapy framework that faciltates how to navigate emotions without being driven by them. ACT reccomends accepting ALL emotions, not just what feels good. Based on ACT, we accept all emotions and let them be. But when it comes to taking action, we go back to our core values.

Emotions can be our teachers when we stop running away from them and hear them out.

If you are eager to learn more from your emotions and learn to use ACT, join me for the next wellness workshop series, Living in Light, starting 2nd September. You can book your spot, for a donation to Hridhaya Centre.



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