Dont be Fooled

A lot of us desire change.

But most of us doubt it.

We doubt that it can happen and that it can happen to 'us'.

I am referring to creating and living the life you desire. If you have tried to make any type of change in your life, you can relate to this post...

One of the main reasons we struggle with manifesting our desire, is perceived self worth.

As important as it is to desire something, it is also necessary to allow it.

You may read this and think, "ofcourse I allow, why wouldn't I". While you may be consciously thinking that, unconsciously you may be resisting the change. How would you know? Here is how.

Consider one aspect of your life you wish to change and write down in 1 sentence what you would like to see happen. Take a minute to think if you need, before you proceed...

Now, ask yourself this questions and notice the first number that flashes in your mind. Let it be a quick wild guess.

'On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do I deserve to experience the change that I desire.'

What was the first number that flashed in your mind?

This number indicates your perceived desrvedness - unless your answer was a 10, there is work to be do before you can manifest and experience your desired life.

Why so? If you reflect back on your upbringing, you may recollect times where you were told by those around you "you are a bad girl/boy", "you are not ___ enough", "you should be ashamed of yourself", and "you dont deserve that". These statements, as much as you may have thought to be untrue at that time, leave a strong impression on our unconsious mind and keep us stuck in a mediocre life.

However, instead of losing yourself in 'why', focus on how you can increase your deservedness. Give yourself permission to pursue your dreams. Don't be fooled by what they said.



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