A Podcast for You

Few weeks ago, I was invited as a guest speaker on The NAME it podcast. It was an enjoyable, deep and meaningful conversation with Jonas Ogonowski, the host.

In our conversation we discussed different aspect of my work including topics such as,

  • State management

  • The Link between our breath and mind

  • Coaching individuals and couples to live fulfilling lives and relationships

  • Using relationship as your self-development path

  • Working through conflict in respectful ways

  • Creativity and play as a natural state of learning

  • Integrating body mind and heart

As it happens, we had a small glitch with the recording and although my voice recorded clearly, the host's voice had some echo and I hope this will only be a mild inconvenience to you, compared to the content of our conversation.

Podcast link: https://www.spreaker.com/user/jonasfelix/episode-8-prabha-srinivasen-connect-refl

I hope you enjoy it and do write to me to let me know what you found helpful.



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