Harnessing HOPE

Is hope resurfacing in your life?

Here is how you can use it to set meaningful actions in motion.

When we go through large shifts that are beyond our capacity to assess, control and strategise, a natural positive adaptation is to eventually give in (different from giving up) and look for hope.

While many of us (although not all) may have been in the 'give-in' phase for the last few weeks, with COVID-19 restrictions, it is likely that hope is beginning to resurface, as we see restrictions starting to lift.

How to harness this hope?

1. Reasses what you want in your near future 1- 3 months. Write down some feeling words you would like to experience. Start with, 'In the near future, I want to feel...' and complete the sentence with 3 to 5 feeling words.

2. Now based on those feeling words, complete this sentence. 'If I was already experiencing these feelings, some actions/behaviours that would be evident in my life are...'

3. Pick one of those actions/behaviours and complete this sentence. 'One small step I can take today or this week towards making this a reality would be...'

4. Act on the answer you wrote for step 3.

There is nothing quite like renewed hope and the energy that comes with it. Make sure you seize the opportunity!

Love, Prabha

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