I am Not OK

It is not the easiest of times to feel ok, let alone other challenges we may have been battling with prior to COVID-19 and the restrictions that came with it...

How are you travelling through this wave of cascading changes?

If you feel like, you are not OK, it is absolutely normal to feel so...

Not only during this pandamic but at any given time, however you are feeling is how you are feeling and there is no need to question if you should be feeling otherwise.

As humans, emotions are part of the package that we come with. By denying our emotions, we cant get far in this human life we have embarked on. Some emotions may feel stronger than others. Some days may feel more difficult than others. Some people's words and behaviours may trigger feelings that feel more confronting than others. Some changes may feel more overwhelming than others. And that is all OK.

If you feel, however, that those emotions seem to be swallowing you and taking you on a downward spiral, reach out. Keeping a check on ourselves and how much we allow those BIG feelings to overrule our life, is necessary to live a life that feels satisfactory (I am not talking about happiness here).

If you are unsure why I am telling you that you are OK, in not being OK and what I mean by satisfactory life, I invite you to read these wise quotes by Russ Harris,

''Our minds did not evolve to make us feel good, so we could tell great jokes, write sonnets and say ‘I love you’. Our minds evolved to help us survive in a world fraught with danger."

''Evolution has shaped our minds so that we are almost inevitably destined to suffer

psychologically: to compare, evaluate and criticise ourselves; to focus on what we’re lacking; to be dissatisfied with what we have; and to imagine all sorts of frightening scenarios, most of which will never happen. No wonder humans find it hard to be happy! ''

''When we take action on the things that truly matter deep in our hearts, when we move in directions that we consider valuable and worthy, when we clarify what we stand for in life and act accordingly, then our lives become rich and full and meaningful, and we experience a powerful sense of vitality. This is not some fleeting feeling—it is a profound sense of a life well lived. And although such a life will undoubtedly give us many pleasurable feelings, it will also give us uncomfortable ones, such as sadness, fear and anger. This is only to be expected. If we live a full life, we will feel the full range of human emotions.''

If you would like to clarify what you value and have a conversation on what direction you want to move towards, I am here for you... Send me a message.

Love, Prabha

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