4 Questions to Ask Yourself

The current situation, with social distancing, shut downs, isolation and financial losses can kindle various emotions in us all. The most evident and easy to identify amongst those emotions is irritability/ frustration.

If you find yourself in that space, here are 4 useful questions you can ask yourself. Find your journal or a paper and pen and answer these questions sincerely...

1. What am I frustrated about?

2. What do I already know about this?

3. What can I do with what I already know?

4. How can I put this into action?

When you get to question 4, act on your answers. As good as wishing for nice things are, unless we take some action, nothing can change.

If you are finding yourself in a hard place and need support, I am here to have some useful conversations with you. Book a Coaching Session and you can pay it off on a payment plan if need be.



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