OK Thank You Why Not

I was running late to a meeting, recently. One that I was rather happy to miss ;) However I had committed to being there, and hence the story.

As I was driving, well hidden underneath my 'lets get this done' approach was uneasiness and haste. It really caught my attention when I had to break behind a car that suddenly slowed down. I noticed myself having to steer to the side as I didn't have enough time to break without hitting it!

This brought to the forefront, my resistance to that meeting and my mixed emotions - "I need to be there. I would rather not!" The impact of that incident stayed with me all day, leaving me less energetic (and confused!) than usual.

If you are waiting for the connection between this story and the title of this post, here it is. Few days before this incident happened, the below inspirational quote came through, as I was journal-ling after meditation.

It has finally clicked! I now say 'Ok, thank you, why not' like a mantra in my head, when I notice myself resisting life and pushing against it.

On a side note, that meeting turned out to be quite inspiring and I come across few people I was pleased to meet. Here is my conclusion.

Stress is resisting life (people, situations). Peace is allowing life to flow through you and waiting until you can see the good in it.

You would think I know this. But apparently, everybody needs constant reminders and that's what life is here for!


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