Pain to Gain

'While pain may be inevitable, suffering is completely optional!' - Guidance in Your Handbag

It isn't uncommon that we get hit by circumstances that invoke deep pain from within. I am talking about the type of pain that can feel like a hole in the heart - something that cannot possibly be removed or fixed but has to be endured, for a long period of time may be even a life time. You probably have realised that no band aid, no essential oil and no retreat can dissolve that pain. What do you do then?

If you are feeling hopelessness creeping in, I have good news for you!

Imagine for a moment that you indulged in extensive planning for a holiday. Lets say you where going around the world for months and you knew that life was going to be different. There will be lots of fun things you will do and at times it may even feel like you have forgotten what life was like before the holiday. Lets add a small twist and say you have a hidden agenda for your holiday. May be you wanted to go around the world to research on a secret project. Lets say the project was about 'the benefits of kindness'. While this agenda was on the forefront of your mind before you started your holiday, you had a suspicion that the newness of the holiday may make you forget your purpose, now and then. So you thought about this long and hard and came up with a clever idea. Given that it is a secret project and you cannot afford to give others any hints, you decided that you are going to write hateful words on pieces of paper and tape them to all your belongings. Your reasoning was that every time you look at the hateful words it will remind you about it's opposite - kindness and hence your project.

Now lets come back to your pain and what you can do with it while you cannot get rid of it. Is it possible that your pain is the result of those notes you taped to all your belongings? Is it possible that it's purpose is to make you reflect on the opposite? Is it possible that pain is here to help you accomplish your holiday's secret agenda?

What if every deep pain is a puzzle that can be turned around for the gain of not only ourselves but those around us too? When we do succeed in turning the pain around into gain, the benefits are felt in large scale - sometimes tens, sometimes thousands, sometimes millions of lives. After all where do you think ingenious inventions came from, if not from a hole in someone's heart?

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