Chanting & Chai

Is your life scrolling past in front of your eyes, while you tick off your to do lists, day after day?

Do you feel disconnected and distanced from the purpose of your life?

Is your energy dwindling down as days go by?

It may be time to reconnect with the essence of who you are. Leah has been regular participant of my meditation classes and yoga philosophy study group. Recently Leah showed up to class beaming and announcing, "I feel so happy and excited about each day now after learning meditation."

I asked Leah if she could put some words together for others to know her journey and below is some of Leah's words...

"Before I started meditation, I was very depressed during the day. I held a lot of stress and tenseness in my body. I had just returned from a long trip and decided to try Prabha's meditation and philosophy class as my sister mentioned it to me. Since learning meditation and establishing a daily practise, my life has changed! I can say I look forward to each day feeling vibrant and relaxed. I feel alive every day! I would recommend Prabha's classes to everyone. Especially those feeling too rushed or restless."

Do you want to feel excited about life? Join me for Friday Meditations. We have also recently begun some chanting exercises as part of our meditations and I have received affirmative feedback. On the 1st of September I will be running a 'Chanting and Chai' session as part of the Come & Try Day at Hridhaya. Book your spot by following the link or contact me if you have any questions.

Love, Prabha

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