Sun doesn't leave the sky

I recently read a commentary by Michael A. Singer on the words 'Sun doesn't leave the sky' and I was awestruck by the elegant manner in which he explained the essence of spiritual growth. In my own words, let me paint a picture for you outlining my research on Patanjali's Yoga Sutra and it's core message that I saw reflected in Singer's words.

The sun illuminates objects through it's light and makes them visible. Likewise, your consciousness illuminates thoughts, things and people around you through' it's attention and makes them visible. In other words, without your ability to pay 'attention' nothing around you would be visible to your mind. For example, when you sleep you are blind to the activities around you, if any, because your attention is turned off from the external world.

Now going back to the sun, although it illuminates various objects, the sun doesn't leave it's place in the sky and lose it's identity to the objects it illuminates. However we human beings allow our identity to get mingled with the thoughts, things and people in our life to a point where we lose track of 'who we are' as pure consciousness.

If you feel that is a little too deep for your contemplation, ask yourself this. 'When was the last time you questioned the purpose of your life?' 'When was the last time you felt like you don't know who you are outside the roles and responsibilities you play?' 'When was the last time you felt like your life isn't making sense?' If any of those feelings are familiar to you, this is the right time to learn from the sun.

Patanjali's Yoga Sutra, as far as my research goes, outlines one core message and that is,

'False union causes suffering. Realisation of one's true self results in freedom.'

In line with Singer's message, it highlights that, allowing ourselves to get intermingled with the activities of our mind (false union) results in losing our plot, so to speak. When we can learn to stay firmly grounded in the seat of pure consciousness, life begins to make sense.

If you find this post appealing, I invite you to join me for Yoga Philosophy Study group or stay tuned for my next book due to be published by December 2018, outlining the messages of Yoga Sutra.


Prabha Srinivasan

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