Power of Pause

How often do you take time to pause?

Do you have a daily/ weekly/ monthly routine to pause?

Power of Pause

Why pause though, you may ask. Imagine a movie marathon that never ends. Would you feel overwhelmed? Would your ability to enjoy the movie be somewhat compromised? Would you find yourself trying hard to keep up while your mind keeps wandering off, elsewhere?

Life becomes that movie marathon, when we don't take time to pause regularly. What I mean by pause, is to step off the treadmill and be in the moment. This can be practised as a time set aside for,

- Quiet time in the garden, park or beach giving full attention to nature.

- Sitting with your breath and following it with complete focus

- Bringing full awareness to task at hand while setting aside any thoughts that may arise in your mind.

None of the above requires that your mind be completely still with no thoughts. All it requires is an intention to come back to what you are focusing on, whenever your mind wanders off. This is real life mindfulness and is the aim of all mindfulness practise.

Best way to get started is to set an alarm everyday at a specific time for 2 to 20 minutes, as your schedule allows. As you practise the length of time can be extended, as needed.

If you want to learn more about mindfulness, meditation and the power of pause, come along to my weekly meditation class every Friday at Hridhaya Centre or contact me for an individual appointment.


Prabha Srinivasan

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