The Reverse Gap

Sitting at the soccer field watching my son train, one evening, I was lost in a feeling of suffocation. I felt like things were piling on top of me. I just needed to breathe and feel free. I struggled though.

Contemplating a bit more on my feeling and what brought it, I realised I had been fixated on a goal, lately. Having achieved and lived it, I now experienced a certain level of emptiness. The kind that comes with placing our happiness on things outside ourselves...

How can I move out of this suffocation, emptiness and lack of appreciation, I thought. Somehow my mind went to my own blog page and I started reading my article on Are you living in the future.

Surprisingly it clicked something back into place. It reminded of a technique I often use with clients - the reverse gap.

Most of the time we feel lack of appreciation for life 'as is' because our focus has moved away from what we have achieved (reverse gap) to what is yet to be (forward gap). The reverse gap technique helps bring back to a sense of joy and delight in life.

Here is how it works:

Think of positive things that you have now but didn't have 6 months ago. Make a list. You will surprise yourself with how much you have to be happy for.

Try this now or later when dissatisfaction creeps in. You will be amazed!

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