Unfoldment of the Soul

About a year ago, I embarked on a journey - to decode the yogic text, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

My love for philosophy paired with intense desire to spread the true essence of yoga fuelled my drive and I am still going!

Last week, as I was writing the next lesson for Yoga Philosophy Study Group, I came to a halt. In one of the verses Patanjali, the author writes about 7 levels of ultimate insight/ wisdom that comes to one when they achieve a certain level of discrimination. However Patanjali does not explain what these 7 levels are. And so I have been pondering on this for a week or so.

This afternoon, as I happened to sit for meditation the clock seemed to show me a mirror image of 7 (when the time was about 2:20) and I closed my eyes to start the meditation. Below is a outline of these 7 levels of insight, as it appeared to me, in my meditation. I am sharing it here, so you may find some or all of this helpful...

The numbers in the flower stands for the following, as I interpreted them.

1. Truth - what is what? 2. Love - for all 3. Equality - towards all 4. Humbleness - of self

5. Reverence - for all 6. Rest - self assuredness 7. Joy - of being truely free


Prabha Srinivasan


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