Stillness is Progress

Over the last year or so, I have been mentoring many clients to develop a meditation practise. Often it progresses in this path.

Step 1: Sitting still using my relaxation audio

Step 2: Sitting still using mindfulness techniques

Step 3: Sitting still in silent (no agenda) meditation

So far, I have been recommending my clients who are ready for step 3, to develop a practise at home where they sit with themselves for 30 minutes. While this routine is more personal and beneficial, doing the same silent meditation in a group, has more advantage. Group energy is always stronger than individual energy, provided the group is like minded.

In the new year, I am introducing a new group class for anyone who has trained with me, to practise Step 2 or Step 3, to come together and practise once a week as a group. Here is what we will do - 30 minutes of silent group meditation followed by mentoring similar to what you receive in individual appointments with me.

If this sounds like the next leap of faith you need to take, enrol now. If you are in Step 1 and would like to progress so you can be part of this group, contact me to discuss how you can gain the relevant experience.

Love, Prabha

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