Are you living in the future?

Have you experienced this?

You wait and wait with utmost eagerness and thrill for something to happen, imagining how amazing you are going to feel when 'it' happens. And then 'it' finally happens. But instead of feeling amazing, you are wondering why you 'it' is not as enjoyable as you expected!?

I happened to experience one such moment lately and it made me wonder...

Our mind is a great projector. It projects all kinds of fascinating thoughts about our future. While this tendency is beneficial at times (e.g. when you are consciously visualising a new life change) it is not so beneficial if that fascination takes away your ability to appreciate life as it is right here, right now.

Here is the grand glorifying myth that we live with.

'Foreseen pleasure (possibility of something pleasurable happening in the future) is greater than existing pleasure.'

And this myth, of glorifying our future over our present, is a virus that sabotages our wellbeing.

How can we, then, snap out of this myth and it's ability to take away our appreciation for this present moment?

1. Make an intention to watch out for feelings such as, dissatisfaction, longing/ craving, constant fascination, irritation, frustration and dejection.

2. As soon as you notice these feelings, get a pen and paper out to make a list of things you have now that you didn't have 6 months back.

3. Give thanks to life for bringing all these into your life.

4. Make a promise to life that today you are going to make the most of these gifts by appreciating and enjoying them rather than living in the future.

This strategy has enabled me to value my present more than my future. Try it and let me know if it helps you.



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