Patience is Faith

I woke up with these words in my head this morning, "Patience is Faith". I started contemplating on the meaning behind it, as I got ready. The more I think about it, the more I realise patience and faith are in essensce the same thing. In other words, "it is not whether you wait, it is how you wait".

When circumstances are at a stage where we have no direct control or foresight as to how, what and when, patience is an undeniable quality that is needed. However, we all have times when we struggle with being patient and allowing things to settle.

While it is totally human to want it now (if not yesterday), it also human to be able to come back to faith in divine timing. As my patience is at test currently (with me waiting on a few business ventures to come to fruition), I am happy that these words came to mind this morning, to comfort me and help me come back to faith - in myself and the universe. So I wrote down a few affirmations to help myself and you if this is relevant for you now or later.

"It is not happening to me, it is happening for me."

"Nothing happens that is not perfect."

"I am the primary creator of my life story and I now choose to tell a positive story."

"All my desires are being met at a level that I may or may not comprehend."

I hope these words help you too!

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