One thing is everything.

Have you managed to embody the attitude of abundance?

Do you desire to?

If so, this will interest you.

I talk of abundance as an attitude because, it is all in the mind. The physical world simply supports and validates what exists in the mind. So talking about abundance, it is the ability to know and trust that there is not just enough but 'more than enough'. The ability to hold faith that all genuine needs will be met and it is OK to dream and to desire. This ability is, ironically, not about money alone, it is about everything including time, love, respect etc.

So how can this understanding help us embody abundance?

There is a Zen saying, "How you do one thing is how you do everything." Going by that saying, if we can learn to embody the attitude of abundance with one aspect, any aspect of our life, we can see the same happening with all aspects of our life.

So how could we begin?

1. By trusting that there is and will always be enough time in the day to do all that you intend.

2. By trusting that there is and will always be enough love in your heart to heal all ailments.

3. By trusting that there is and will always be enough respect for yourself as you continue to make mistakes and grow.

There are countless other ways, you might come up with. It doesn't matter which aspect of life you apply it to, eventually you will see it flood into all of your life including money.

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