I can't meditate

"I can't meditate" said the gentleman. "I can't seem to stop the mind chatter but mindfulness sounds like something I might benefit from", he said.

And so we started a 6 week mindfulness and meditation program. (Not sure what the two terms mean? Listen here for explanation).

Each week, this client would come for an hour's session to learn one or two simple techniques and practised them for a few minutes at home, for the rest of the week. At the end of this course, his self assessment of being able to meditate moved from '0' to '7' on a scale of 10. Something he may not have expected at the start of the course!

In his own words,

"I now spend most of my time in the now and importantly to me I am aware when thoughts intrude and can let them go."

"I now find it much easier to focus on one task at a time, rather than as previously worrying about multiple tasks and not doing any to my satisfaction. I am more at peace in the workplace."

What most of us don't realise is this.

It is not that we can't meditate, it is just that we haven't practised enough.

Like rain drops, your efforts will slowly accumulate and the scale will tip. Before you know it, you will be reaping the rewards.

But it won't happen if you never start. So, when will you?

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