10 minute Yoga

I was guiding a group this morning and I felt an inspirational spark to send out this quick routine to centre yourself everyday. So here you have it! Begin each day consciously.

1.Start with some gentle warm ups.

You can use your own or my video on Facebook to help you with your warm up.

2. Prepare your mind with prayer pose.

Stand with feet together, shoulders pulled back, keeping your back straight and neck relaxed. Look ahead and join your palms near the middle of your chest. Gently gaze at one point in front of you and allow your eyes to close. Stay in this pose and observe your breath for 5 inhales and exhales. Gently open your eyes and release the pose. (Perform with eyes open if you struggle with vertigo)

3. Stretch with palm tree pose.

Stand with your feet parallel to each other and arms on your side. Begin by lifting your heels off the floor while simultaneously raising your hands above your head. Stay on your toes and look ahead. Hold in this pose for a count of 6. Now gently release your hands and place your heels on the ground. Repeat the pose 3 times.

4. Lengthen with forward bend pose.

Stand with your feet together. Raise your hands above your head. Back straight, shoulders relaxed, hands parallel to each other, start by bending back a little bit and then bend forward all the way to touch the floor or your legs. Let your head hang loose and hold this position for 6 counts. Gently come back up the way you went and release your hands. Repeat for 3 counts.

5. Still your mind with bumble bee breath.

Using your index fingers block your ear and make the sound of a bee, “MMMMMMMM”. Prolong this sound as long as you can and repeat 3 times. At the end, sit in this pose for a few breaths immersing yourself in the stillness and internal sounds of your body. Release the pose when you are done.

Now go on enjoy your day!

If you would like to receive a copy of this routine as an easy to use PDF document, send me an email.

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