The Escape Route

Last year I published my book, Guidance in Your Handbag, which is a collection of 100 inspiring thoughts that showed up in my meditation. I want you to know however, I wasn’t born a ‘pro’ at meditation.

I started meditating about 6 years ago and life has made more and more sense ever since. While externally I went through some of the most disturbing events during this time, internally my ‘drive for life’ was strengthening.

For a good few years my meditations were a struggle but I kept on. I used to struggle to calm my mind and spend the entire session in confusion. I hardly knew what I was doing!

The journey from there to now has been quite something. It has shown me the escape route, the way out from the mental madness we can get ourselves into. I can promise you this, meditation is a lot simpler and much more effective than we may assume it to be. Like all skills you just need commitment, drive and a mentor.

If you are eager to learn meditation, come along to my weekly self care classes where we practise yoga poses and meditation. Class timing doesn’t suit? Email me to organise a private session for just yourself or a group of family/friends.

Experience the ease with which life can flow…

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Guidance in Your Handbag

A book by Prabha Srinivasan

Guidance in Your Handbag is a book of 100 thoughts to inspire you every day. Covering a wide range of day-to-day topics, this book can help you snap out of stress anytime, anywhere!

"Perfect guidance every time I turn to a page" - DS

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