Ancient Methods to Defuse Stress

Did you know that there a simple, systematic approach to disabling stress?

The system was offered in ancient times from teacher to the student by direct application to real life situation.

What causes stress? Why do we struggle with some situations more than others? What can we do to identify and disable these stresses that block us from living an enjoyable life? Yoga has answers...

I term the reason behind stress as, Sinking Into Negativity (popular religions tend to use the acronym). Whatever label we use, most of the time we know that our thinking has something to do with how we feel. In Yoga, there are 5 kinds of thought patterns that are identified as being the root of all stress.

In my upcoming retreat, on the 21st of April, we will be looking at these 5 underlying thought patterns and how we can use this teaching to enhance our mental wellbeing. Join us for an uplifting afternoon of yogic poses, rich discussions, breathing exercises and meditation. Book your spot here.

If you are unable to attend but interested in learning this content, contact me to organise a personal or group appointment.


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