Four Stages of Freedom

Freedom is a word all of us use yet few of us fully experience. What is freedom anyway? Is it being able to do what you want, when you want and how you want? Is it the absence of obligations? Is it access to unlimited resources? Is it all of the above and more?

I define freedom as, the ability to feel free at any given point in time. A place of ultimate choice.

In my meditation this morning came a beautiful road map to 'freedom' aka happy living and here I share it with you.

Stage 1: Morality.

This is a phase where you are figuring out your code of conduct and choosing what attitudes, behaviours and thoughts that work for you.

Stage 2: Discipline.

Here, you are in the process of implementing what your brain knows to be 'good' for you. Putting knowledge into practise.

Stage 3: Awareness.

You are working on expanding your radar to notice all that is happening now without getting carried away by thoughts and feelings.

Stage 4. Letting go.

This is not the last step, but the beginning of a never ending journey. This is like an endless escalator that gives you access to being free, the moment you get on it. Here, you begin the process of letting go of all that seems to block your ability to feel free. The level of freedom you experience, increases as you move onwards and upwards.

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