Mind the Trap

Have you ever come across someone who reminds you of someone else you know?

Have you found that resemblance so striking that you were constantly seeing that other person in them?

Have you ever noticed this mental comparison blinding you from seeing the new person for who they really are?

I happened to experience exactly this.

I was so caught up by the similarities that my mind kept throwing more and more 'sameness' at me. The tricky part here was that, the person I was reminded of had some qualities I do not value. Here is precisely were the trap was.

Blind to the game my mind was playing, based on some hurtful experiences in the past, I started building an unconscious resentment towards this new encounter.

While I was carrying on with this silliness, I overheard a speech that went somewhat like this...

Live in the present. Just because someone hurt you in the past does not mean you have to hold on to that and keep developing resentment. Forget the past. Come to the present. Live here.

What a reminder! Overhearing those wise words, I asked myself what can I do to stop this unsophisticated behaviour. "I could make a list of all the differences between these two people to reprogram my thinking", came the thought. And so I did.

Mind the trap. Don't believe everything your mind says. Be. Here. Now.

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