Two Way Door

After a full on week of Yoga teacher training here in India, I sat in meditation yesterday for a good 20 minutes and something interesting came to mind that I thought you might like to know...

I saw a mental image that looked somewhat like this,

except it was in motion. There was flow (like that of water) moving along this track. Also, between the two halves, at the joining point, was what seemed like a water fall that made the other side oblivious.

I questioned what it symbolised and this is what came to mind - One circle represented an active state of mind and the other a meditative state of mind. When we are in one of these states it seems as if the other side does not exist. But if we push past the discomfort of transition (through the waterfall), we can very well reach the 'other side' and flow between these two states as and when we desire.

Hope that has given you your philosophical fix for now ;) I am already planning some personalised yoga sessions when I get back.

Have a great week and remember to push past the discomfort, every now and then!

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