Confusion or Clarity?

What came first? Confusion or clarity?

I recently published a video on SHFT Inside Facebook page titled Obstacle to Opportunity.

This post is an extension of that video. If you haven't seen that video yet, watch it here before you read on...

When we are caught up in confusion, it feels as if the confusion is an uninvited guest who is a pain to deal with! However I am going to tell you something different.

At a moment when you are in a deep state of trance (meditation, exercise, sleep, day dreaming, driving or just doing your regular chores), a harmless thought of inspiration hits you. This is your moment of clarity.

All of sudden, in your mind, you see your life escalating into a higher, freer, better space.

Then reality (read parental voice) brings you back to your daily grind and tells you it is too good to be true!

But it doesn't stop there. That thought of inspiration keeps silently working in the background and makes a master plan - a grand confusion! It rearranges your life to create a justifying case of 'problem' to prove to your logical brain that 'this is why' you need to act on the inspiration. And until you pass the bill, it keeps creating more and more confusion/ breakdown to convince you!

Finally your logical brain gets tired of trying to solve the confusion and gives up. Then the inspiration comes swooping in to say 'Whola! Here is your solution'. Only difference is this time you finally accept and act on it!

So what came first? Confusion or Clarity?

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