The Negative Gift

A fair amount of our world's population is on a mission to eradicate - proverty, homelessness, violence, illiteracy, and many more such supposedly negatives.

But what if, these attributes are the very blessing we have on earth? They sure aren't enjoyable to experience, I agree. But think about this for a minute.

If we didn't have a concept of poverty, how would we recognise abundance?

If we didn't have a concept of violence, how would we recognise kindness?

If no one was illiterate on earth, how would we be able to appreciate learning?

Here is an alternate story. What if the positive, the negative and everything in between are like the shades of a rainbow? Would the rainbow still be a rainbow if some of it's colours were missing?

The purpose of these negatives may be to help us - to remember, to reach for and to rejoice the positives. And for that reason, it may be futile to work on eliminating these negatives.

May be instead of getting on a mission to eradicate, we can embark on a mission to accept and to appreciate the gift in it. May be then, and only then the power of choice will become obvious to us.

After all there is no choosing when there is only one option. Is there?

Has this raised more questions than answers? Post them and let's have an open discussion.

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