Art of compassion

Compassion is a word many of us use, but few of us understand. While the need for compassion is high in today's world, we also have an increasing rate of 'compassion fatigue' among those who work/ care/ live with someone going through a rough phase.

While the common understanding of this word is to feel pity or to suffer with someone, the real meaning of compassion is 'to be with someone who is suffering'.

Being with someone who is suffering (the real meaning) is very different from suffering with someone (the misunderstood meaning). The biggest difference is that when we live by the real meaning of compassion, we hold space for them and allow them to step into their power. Whereas when we live by the misunderstood meaning, we contribute to keeping people trapped in their suffering.

So, how do we simply be with someone who is suffering without feeling pity? We need to develop two core skills.

1. Learn how to disconnect from the many (unfavourable) stories that society feeds us and start feeding back new stories that favour us.

2. Learn how to be present in a 'mindful' way, with a person who is suffering, so they can move on and embrace their power.

Without developing these two abilities, we end up adding fuel to the fire, in the name of love and care. To me, compassion was an unrealistic concept, until I learned the necessary skills and NLP was one of those.

If you are interested in developing the skills of compassion, visit my page here, to see how NLP can help you acquire these skills.

If you have questions or would like more information, send me an email.

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