The Guessing Game

Between your individual Soul (the child), every other Soul (your siblings) on earth and the Universal Soul (the parent), there is game being played. The guessing game!

You may think 'when did I agree to that?'. But, its too late. You are already in. No, you were not forced into it. You chose this, but it was part of the game that you forget the fact that you signed up! Ha!

Common sense would be that you learn the rules of this game, so you can enjoy the game.

Here are some basic rules.

1. Purpose: The purpose of this game is to see how much you can remember and bring into action. This includes all the big questions in life such as, 'who am I', 'why am I here', 'what is my life's purpose', 'what can I do about my purpose', 'what help do I have', 'what happens after the game is over' etc.

2. Signs: The game works on signs. It goes like this. You think a thought or make an action and your Soul gets a feedback (like OK, yes please, oh no, hell no etc.) from the Universal Soul. This feedback comes to you through other Souls on this planet, in the form of their action, words or just a feeling inside you. But to be able to receive and interpret these feedback, you first need to be in touch with your own Soul. How? Meditate, Journal, tune in to your thoughts, spend 'you' time.

3. Unmanifested desires: These are like red flash cards that the Univeral Soul uses to give you a clue that, you are to try something slightly/completely different. It has nothing to do with your deservedness. The Universal Soul believes that you deserve the best of the best, at all times. The red flash card is just to help you remember that, this is not the best use of your time and ability. 'You were made for more' is the message behind.

4. Romantic gifts: These are gifts that come your way, like simple/drastic things you playfully desired for and gets delivered to you, with no/least effort on your side. You are getting these gifts all the time. Whether you are aware of it is a different story. Often you discard these as a mere 'coincidence'. But when you tune into your Soul, it will tell you otherwise. These gifts are the Universal Soul trying to sweep you of your feet and give a hug and kiss, to say, 'I love you'!

5. The empty feeling: Of all the rules, this is a rule that cannot be overlooked or escaped. The 'empty feeling' inside you that may come up now and then or just stay for years (like it did for me ;), is your Soul calling your attention and cooperation, to fulfill the 'purpose' of this game.

Now, are you ready to step up your game?

Phew! This is the most complicated blog I can recollect writing! If you have questions or feeling a little bit confused, I can understand! Send me a note. Lets have a chat.

P.S. If you didn't get any of what I have written, it is enough if you just get this - LIFE IS A PLAY. IT IS NOT WORK.

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