Support versus Stuck

One of the top reasons for failed goals is the lack of support!

When we set goals for ourselves that go beyond what is 'normal' for our family and friends, we get little support if any. Often these goals are seen as unnecessary or causing unwanted confusion.

A circle that sees food as enjoyment may see healthy eating as rude. A family that values saving, may see holidays as a waste. A network that is accustomed to gossip and drama may see positive thinking as superficial.

And this lack of support, can tempt us to give up on the goal and 'fit in' instead.

When the tribe we have by default does not support our goal, we have two options.

1. Abandon the goal and fit in with the tribe.

2. Seek out a new tribe that supports our goal.

Seeking a new tribe does not mean we abandon existing friends and family. It is simply an add on and a healthy way of meeting our 'need for support', without blaming our existing circle for keeping us stuck.

Now the question is which of those two options will you choose?

If you are interested in being part of a support network for achieving your goals, stay tuned for our new 'Goalmates' group starting August 2016. You can express interest by sending me a note here, so I can add you to the priority list.

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