Spend your way to abundance!

Do you feel guilty when you spend, whether it be a slight discomfort or extreme? As if you are doing something you are not supposed to do.

Do you know that this guilt works against you in terms of how much money comes to you, be it your personal finances or your business.

This is because, you are caught up in a 'love-hate' relationship with money. You respond with happiness when the money is flowing towards you but your emotions turn negative when the money is flowing out from you.

In order to have abundant access to money you need to radiate the same level of happiness and pleasure when you spend as you do when you receive.

As skeptical as you may feel about this, holding any form of 'negativity' in relationship to money will push money away from you!

So get your mind in the right place before you spend! Here is how.

Whenever you find yourself feeling guilty or anxious, stop and try this.

As you are about to swipe your card/ press the Buy button/ handout the cash, pause for a moment and ask yourself,

"Who am I enabling by spending this money?"

For example, if you are buying a pair of shoes, think about the employees in the shop and imagine how their face would light up when they get their salary. Remind yourself, that you are paying their salary, when you spend on those shoes. Therefore, you enable them to live their life, in a humble yet powerful way. And this applies to anything you are spending on.

Now, after this little self talk, when you swipe your card, you will feel expanded by spending the money instead of feeling contracted or guilty for having done something 'you are not supposed to do' . Not only that, this exercise will also make you take a responsible stand on who you spend with!

The raw truth is, spending is enabling. It is a way of enabling the energy to keep flowing and reaching out to people. And most importantly,

what you give to others, you give to yourself!

So try this little exercise and let me know if it helped bring an abundance of money in your life. Remember abundance is not about having millions or billions. It is the feeling of having more than enough.

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