Your pain needs your love!

As human beings we generally tend to avoid pain. Because it hurts!

But does that avoiding do us any good? Or does it only bring us more of the same pain, in different forms?

When we ignore the pain or abhor it for showing up, what we are actually doing is repelling it. And by the law of attraction,

'what we consciously repel, we unconsciously attract'!

Physical ailments, heart breaks, business losses or financial distress. However pain may be showing up in your life, there is only one way to turn that pain around!

And that is to love it!

Here is 4 steps method to love your pain.

1. Accept the pain as it is, without trying to change it or wanting it to go away. This will give you an immediate sense of relief.

2. Thank the pain for showing up and ask what gift it brings you. You can do this through journaling, through quiet reflection while walking/jogging/riding/painting or through meditation.

3. Even if you are not able to see the gift this pain brings, know that the gift is there for you and you will become aware of it soon.

4. Mentally, hold hands with the pain and pretend it is going to be your companion as you find a new path to joy.

When you finish this exercise your intensity of pain may already reduce significantly. With regular reflection, you will start seeing the gift and be able to appreciate the pain for showing up.

Remember, the only way to success is by walking through the pain and not around it!

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