Warning: 'Out-of-zone'

Have you ever experienced this? You do something that's so fulfilling and so amazing that it makes you come completely alive and then when that experience is over, you get a strong headache or some physical discomfort that totally grabs your attention!

Do you relate to that?

If you do, you are going to love what I am sharing here!

That headache or discomfort that you feel, is not you stretching yourself too much or pushing too far (as you may have thought it to be). This is what it is.

That physical discomfort is your body trying to get your attention to the fact that you are now 'out-of-your-zone', where you come alive and get lost in absolute creativity!

For years I used to find myself with strong headaches right after I do my consults or events. All those times I wondered whether I was simply stretching myself too much! But I knew that couldn't be the case, since the experience felt so natural.

So it remained a puzzle, until recently I had a light bulb moment where this new awareness dawned on me. That headache was me getting readjusted to the heaviness of 'normal' life, so to speak.

So what I figured, I had to do was to find a way to stay 'in-my-zone' no matter what I was doing. Talk about expansion!

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