Self Care Series

Self Care Series is set of tool designed to give you a perfect blend of acceptance and empowerment!

It helps you unwind from daily stress, unfold your dreams and

reconnect with your self.

Self Care Series has 3 components to it:

Component 1: Journaling


Through writing, you will learn how to connect to the wisest part of you, your Higher Self. Major benefits of journaling include,


- Handy technique to instantly release negative energies and emotions

- Strategies to gain deeper understanding of your life, challenges and hardships

- Tools to become self-reliant and be guided from within

 As you learn to connect with your Higher Self, you will witness your view on life shift to a more peaceful and empowering place.

" After coming home from this workshop, I have been writing rigorously and getting my guidance. I had a huge block in this area and it how now opened up. Totally amazing!"

Component 2: Meditation


In this component you will learn how to meditate, even if you have never tried or been succesful with meditation. Major benefits of meditation include,

- increased ability to fully enjoy life

- improved belief in yourself

- handy techniques to regain inner strength

- noticeable boost in positive thinking

"Meditation has taught me how to manage anxieties, solve my day to day problems and have faith in my abilities." 

Component 3: Goal Setting

In this component, you will learn how to set inspiring goals and to achieve them. Health, career, relationships, personal development, whatever your area of priority may be, the framework you learn will help you work with your self in order to achieve your goal. Major benefits of goal setting include,

- empowerment 

- increased self confidence

- noticeable increase in overall happiness with life

" This workshop made a lot of sense and helped me understand why some of my past goals may have failed. I feel more clear and confident about my goal now."

Guidance in Your Handbag

A book by Prabha Srinivasan

Guidance in Your Handbag is a book of 100 thoughts to inspire you every day. Covering a wide range of day-to-day topics, this book can help you snap out of stress anytime, anywhere!

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