Soul Rememberance Therapy (SRT) is a therapuetic structure, informed and inspired by various renowned regression therapists including Dolores Cannon, Brian Weiss and Michael Newton.

SRT enables subconscious healing and growth via Hypnosis, Time Based Therapy and various other regression and progression techniques to drop into a deeper state of awareness, where your inner knowing resides.

If you have pressing questions about your personality, your health, your relationships, unexplainable events in your life, you can find answers through SRT. SRT is for you if you are,

  • experiencing recurring physical or mental pain

  • feeling lost or feeling like you dont belong

  • confused about your future/ struggling to make decisions

  • unable to understand/explain certain events in your life

  • curious to connect with your life plan/purpose/agreements

  • eager to connect with your higher self/ guidance

If you feel inspired to try the Soul Remembrance technique, you can book an intake session and discuss suitability. 


I felt safe throughout the session, with how Prabha held the space to protect both of us. Although I have to admit I did feel vulnerable before the session.

SRT enabled me to go fluidly deeper, into my subconscious and stay in certain areas of my past, without emotions or questioning stopping me.

 I had instant outcomes on questions about my life, and an understanding that continues to grow as I move forward!

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