Remembrance Therapy


Prabha is invested in the process & helping you achieve your outcome.  You can see she is in awe of what is being revealed just as much as you.

I was made to feel very comfortable and relaxed which truly enhanced my experience. 

With Prabha's guidance I transitioned back easily, feeling excited, alive and happy with the experience.

Remembrance Therapy is a therapuetic framework, informed and inspired by various renowned regression therapists including Dolores Cannon, Brian Weiss and Michael Newton.

Remembrance Therapy enables subconscious healing and growth via Hypnosis, Time Based Therapy and various other regression and progression techniques to drop into a deeper state of awareness, where your inner knowing resides.

Remembrance Therapy is for you if you are ready to,

  • release recurring physical, mental or emotional pain

  • remove unhelpful mental patterns and behaviours

  • get clarity about your future/ make clear decisions

  • find answers to burning questions about your life

  • connect with your life plan/purpose/agreements

A typical session may take you to other lives of significance and/or connect with your loved ones and/or make contact with your guides and guardians. If you are keen to try, you can book a FREE intake session and discuss suitability. 


I felt safe throughout the session, with how Prabha held the space to protect both of us. Although I have to admit I did feel vulnerable before the session.

Remembrance Therapy enabled me to go fluidly deeper, into my subconscious and stay in certain areas of my past, without emotions or questioning stopping me.

I received messages of comfort and reassurance from my past family members and an absolute knowing that I am not alone.